Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a tattoo at Lost Galleries?


Our artists strive to provide quality, custom art for a fair price. We typically are able to work around the clients budget. Because comissioned art and a tattoo can be interpreted many different ways and in many different price brackets, a consultation in person is always the best way to get a quote. From there we can see the actual canvas it’s going on, if your wanting tattooed, and go over exact details. We are able to bid by the piece of art or by the hour on larger tattoos if the client should choose. An hourly rate would be around $150-$200 per hour average if we had to put a number on it. Some tattoos are able to be done faster but require just as much skill and effort. While our shop minimum is $80, most tattooed people will spend anywhere from $200 to $1500 per session for their fresh new ink.

Can I Walk In or Will I need an appointment at Lost Galleries?

We do take walk ins, however there is as chance of there being a wait or the particular artist may already be booked for the day. An appointment gives us a little time to think on your piece of art and prepare for your tattoo. This also provides a time frame set aside specifically for you.

What is the Tattoo Healing Process Like?

It takes about 3 weeks to be completely healed after the tattoo process. Wrap your tattoo with suran wrap or non-stick bandage for bed the first night. Wake up and wash it, pat it dry, and put some lotion on it. Do not re-bandage at all. During that 3 weeks of healing, we recommend a tattoo specific aftercare cream/lotion. We sell Redemption, which is organic and vegan friendly. If not a tattoo specific aftercare then use a non-scented lotion such as Lubriderm. Massage it in as you would anywhere else on your body. Moisturize your tattoo 2-3 times daily. Wash it twice daily as well. Keep your fresh ink out of the sun, salt water, and pool water. Do not pick or scratch your new tattoo.

What should I bring to my tattoo appointment?

We recommend you be prepared for your appointment. It’s not a walk in the park. If it is a long appointment you may want to bring some snacks or drinks and maybe even a pillow. If your getting your back done you may want to bring a button up to put on backwards, leaving your back exposed forb the artist. Headphones, one non-annoying friend. You do not want your artist distracted. You should bring any reference materials you want to see incorporated into your piece as well as a open mind and a positive attitude.