Grand Re-0pening Event



November 11-12


Sunday 11am-3pm

Ribbon Cutting

$30 TATTOOS (limited to 20 tattoos from flash sheets)

50-100 “rain checks” (Usable before 2019 Non transferable)

$3 raffle tickets for a $300 custom tattoo.

15% off Gift Cards (up to $500)

Food, Drinks, artists meet and greet, consultations, games and more.


Monday 11am-9pm

$30 TATTOOS (from flash sheets, limit 3 per person)

$3 Raffle tickets for $300 custom tattoo

15% off Gift Cards (up to $500)

As a veteran owned business LOST Galleries is motivated to push themselves and their craft to the next level through any circumstances. Everett Joens opened LOST Galleries a little over 3 years ago, with not much more then a vision to bring great artistry and influence to our community.

That is exactly what he, and the people behind him have done. Hosting many of tattoo events to raise thousands of dollars for veterans, cancer and tragedy survivors, local youth organizations, and more. The artists have done artwork and other services for local schools, business, and individuals here in Pasco County as well as Hillsborough, and Pinellas counties.

Last year hurricane Irma came through our area knocking out power to the studio. After being closed for days the power being restored caused a fire in the building. Luckily nobody was hurt but the building wasn’t so lucky.  After finally getting the LOST Galleries studio settled in, it was taken away in a day. Forced to move the team came together to relocate just a half mile away into Elfers Square on the corner of SR 54 and Madison.

Over the past year the Lost crew has worked vigorously to rebuild and progress farther then before. While the team is still striving to reach new heights everyday they have decided to let the public in on the new studio and the incredible artwork and tattoos associated with it.  These artists of many mediums will amaze you with their artistic skills and creative visions. Ideas inspired by you will come to life in this upscale, peaceful atmosphere while you wait. Customer service that will make you feel you’ve been a long time friend sets you at ease and welcomes everyone. A tattoo experience like you’ve never seen.

Lost Galleries will be holding a Grand Re-opening celebration at their new location (6123 SR 54 New Port Richey, FL) on November 11thand 12th. This two day event will mark the beginning of a new era of LOST Galleries. With promises to become Pasco’s premier tattoo studio, this team is well on their way. Stop in and see what they have to offer and what they can create for you.